Dvora Kedar (דבורה קידר)
Born 1924, Lithuania. Dvora Kedar studied acting at the Habima, Israel's National Theatre,  and began her screen career in the 1964 movie Ulai Terdu Sham. She then starred in Mivtza Yonatan in 1977 before going on to star in Lemon Popsicle as Benji's mother in 1979...
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Menashe Warshavsky

(מנשה ורשבסקי)

Menashe Warshavsky was born July 5th, 1932 and made his film debut in the 1974 movie Big Eyes but he is most famous for his role as Benji's father in the Lemon Popsicle movies. First appearing in Lemon Popsicle and starred in a further four sequels... Read More

Avi Hadash (אבי חדש)
Born 23rd September, 1959, in Petach Tikva, Israel. Avi Hadash began performing at a young age, becoming part of a drama group and appearing in his school's productions. When casting for the first Lemon Popsicle movie came along, Avi originally auditioned for the role of Bobby... Read more

Rachel Steiner (רחל שטיינר)
Rachel Steiner began her career in 1979 as Martha in Lemon Popsicle, she went on to star in Going Steady, Hot Bubblegum. Her last known appearance was a minor role in the Robert Mitchum film The Ambassador which was made in 1984 and also starred Zachi Noy and Yiftach Katzur... Read More

Joseph Shiloah (יוסף שילוח)
Born 1941. Joseph Shiloah began his acting career in the early 60's, and has since went on to star in over 80 films to his credit, in both Israeli productions and mainstream American films... Read More

Devora Bakon (דבורה בקון)
Devora Bakon born 24th Febuary 1951, started her career in 1980 in a Israeli version of Candid camera Hayeh Ahaltah Otah. She went on to star in Am Yisrael Hai in 1981 before appearing in Private Popsicle... Read more

Moshe Ish-Kassit
(משה איש כסית)

Moshe Ish-Kassit began his film career in 1969 in the tv series Lool which was directed by Boaz Davidson. He starred in various Israel productions, and went on to star in the fourth instalment of the Lemon Popsicle series Private Popsicle... Read more

Olga Spondorf (אולגה שפאנדורף)
Olga Spondorf was born on Febuary 14th, 1925. She began her acting career with the first Lemon Popsicle movie, starring in a reoccurring role as Benji's Aunt... Read more